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Security tax and fees for flights set for increase


Summer travelers whose plans include flying can get ready to pay more. On July 21, the security tax on all flights will go up.

Passengers at all U.S. airports will see the fee increase every time they fly. Every time you check in at an airport you are paying a list of fees, competing with the TSA. lines you wait in, before boarding the plane.

Some fees are obvious, while others are harder to see. You actually pay to stand in those TSA lines. After September 11th 2001, a security fee was established essentially taxing you to create the TSA.

On July 21, that tax or fee is going up. It was decided as part of the Bipartison Budget Act of 2013. Also, roughly 75% of the new revenue from the fee hike will not be put toward improving security checks at the airport. Instead, it will be used to offset spending elsewhere in the federal budget.

Currently the passenger security fee is $2.50 for each plane you take to travel. However, the fee is capped at two plane rides each way. So, you won't pay more than $5 en route to a destination, or $10 roundtrip, no matter how many planes you take.

On July 21, however, a flat fee of $5.60 will be imposed in each direction, no matter how many planes you board en route, assuming you only have short layovers.

As a result, you will pay more than double if you fly nonstop. This means $11.20 roundtrip versus $5 now.

Not everyone's happy with the fee hike. Dem. Senator Patty Murray and Rep.Congressman Paul Ryan object to the way the TSA has interpreted Congress's intent.

The trade group, Airlines for America, also has problems with the implementation.

Meetings are planned but on July 21, passenger security fees will be going up.

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