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Plan: RRHA to pay Richmond Police for security services


We now know how citizens living in some of Richmond's most dangerous communities will be protected after their own Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority Police Department shut its doors. The added protection for RRHA is going to cost taxpayer money.

According to documents we've uncovered, RRHA wants to pay Richmond Police to patrol those crime-ridden neighborhoods. Right now, the proposed agreement is only for a time period of four months and would cost almost $200,000 of your taxpayer money.

The agreement reads, "The Authority," meaning R-R-H-A, is the group that "has requested that the City assign police officers to provide additional law enforcement."

So if passed by city council, the housing authority will give police $180,960 over four months. RRHA, which disbanded its own police force back in April, will pay $45,240 each month.

The documents reveal the funding will cover the costs of officers patrolling the areas and a supervisor to act as a go-between for the department and RRHA.

"All of our project housing areas, those are lives," explained community activist Charles Willis with Citizens Against Crime. "Those are folks that deserve to live in a safe environment, so we do need police deployed there."

When we broke the story RRHA Police would be closing its doors, a spokesperson sent us a statement saying, "(RRHA) has concluded that its residents are better served by deploying its resources in a manner more consistent with its core mission of providing housing services rather than providing ancillary security services."

According to this proposal, RRHA is still deploying its resources for security services, just in a different way.

Now, Willis believes there are other opportunities for improvement.

"I would like to see them spend more money on violence prevention and conflict resolution," he added. "They have the community centers right in the communities. Open the doors."

The Richmond Police major, who presented the proposal, didn't think it was appropriate to speak on camera Wednesday while council is considering it.

Late Wednesday, a spokesperson for RRHA sent us a statement, which reads in part: "The initiative between RRHA and RPD to provide dedicated patrols is a forward-thinking community policing effort that enhances security beyond any supplemental security RRHA could provide its residents in the past."

Council still has to vote on the agreement.

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