Acts of Kindness: Mentoring student athletes

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - He's a teacher, mentor, coach and entrepreneur who helps student athletes get into college, to claim victory in the game of life. Family and friends are recognizing the local hero's Acts of Kindness.

William Carter credits his village of loved ones for supporting his path from MBA to CEO of the business he founded 12 years ago to guide student athletes to the next level of success.

Carter  mentors student athletes in every sport from all over the country and some overseas. His clients may lack understanding of college requirements or need support and  confidence.

Carter believes there's a school for everyone.  His company hosts showcases, bringing coaches to town to watch athletic talents

They're also educational seminars to guide athletes through the tests, essays,interviews and


Carter's mother says her son has always been an overachiever

His business is sustained by sponsorships, registrations fees and donations. Loved ones are happy to add to the fund

Carter says his next goal is to secure a building where courts say his student/athletes can work and train.