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Case to move forward in death of Meg Menzies


New details were revealed in court Tuesday into the death of beloved jogger Meg Menzies. Menzies' husband, a police officer in Ashland, took the stand during an emotional preliminary hearing.

Doctor Michael Carlson is accused of hitting and killing the jogger but one of the charges against him will be dropped. Carlson had nothing to say as he entered court. Inside, he listened as prosecutors played a recording of the 911 call he made the morning jogger Meg Menzies was hit and killed.

In it, Carlson admits to veering off of the road.

Meg's husband says the two were running together on Route 54 but as soon as they noticed traffic coming he says they did what they would always do in situations like that, he began leading the way with her trailing behind. That's when he says he saw Carlson's car veering off the road, so he ran towards the yellow lines. Meg, behind him, ran towards the ditch. That's when officers says Carlson hit her.

Sean Cusack is an avid run who trained with Meg Menzies. He says she did nothing wrong.

"Meg was doing everything correctly. She was doing everything that we teach people how to run to be safe on the road…There are no winners coming out of this. The impact has been hard," he said.

An officer says Carlson admitted to drinking beer and vodka the night before the incident, but the officer says the Hanover doctor had a .11 blood alcohol content level and failed a series of field sobriety tests on scene.

An officer testified the doctor had slurred speech, red eyes, and an odor of alcohol on the scene. But Carlson's defense attorney questioned the results of his field sobriety tests - suggesting the doctor was in pain after having recent surgery.    

Prosecutors are not pursuing the DUI charge, so they can fully focus on the felony involuntary manslaughter. A move Cusack agrees with.

"If you get pulled over for operating a vehicle erratically and you're found to be under the influence, that's a DUI. No argument. If, however, you end up killing somebody or maiming somebody, then it becomes a different case as far as I'm concerned…The reality at that point, you've committed something far greater than just DUI," he said.

Soon, the court will decide.

If the grand jury makes an indictment, a trial date will be set later this month.

Ashland's Police Chief called the death of Meg Menzies, wife of Sgt. Scott Menzies, tragic and immeasurable. Thousands of runners from all over the world banded together to show their support for Meg by running the virtual memorial run #megsmiles.

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