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Chesterfield man accused of assaulting officers during domestic call

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23-year-old Hunter White is accused of assaulting two police officers during a violent domestic dispute.

The incident happened in the 14,000 block of Rivermont Road. Police say he was assaulting the woman now bearing his child, but mom paints a different picture of the suspect. 

"I was always afraid that she would hurt him or that he would her," said White's mother Tina Sumrall who says the couple had a volatile relationship.

White is now facing charges of abduction by force, assault and battery, obstruction of justice, and assaulting two police officers.

"I don't understand why he fought the police like he did," said Sumrall. "He does have his issues."

The suspect lives right across the street from the alleged victim. The female's family has posted a no trespassing sign that reads: "You know who you are...Hunter White."

"He has never been one to get in a fight," said Sumrall.

Sumrall says Hunter has a good heart. She feels he wants to hold on to his first love and be there for his first child. Mom is concerned her son's temper has left him facing serious time behind bars.

"That scares me," said Sumrall. "He don't need to be in jail. He needs help. There is not a person on this planet who couldn't benefit from therapy."

Sumrall notes this is not the couple's first run-in with the law, but Mom is hoping and praying it's the last.

"You see two people that really shouldn't be around each other," said Sumrall. "It's just going to lead to bad for both of them, and you can't do anything." 

We are told no one was seriously hurt. White is being held with no bond. He is due in court in August. The baby is due in December. 

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