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Richmond Police Chief vows to protect those who can help solve murders

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The Richmond police chief is urging the community take a stand after the city sees several deadly shootings in just two days.

Officers admit that they can only do so much, they need the public's assistance. Although fear of retaliation seems to be keeping people from coming forward to solve these three shootings and other recent cases.

Richmond had seen 22 straight days without a single homicide, but that streak ended Monday in a hail of gunfire.

"Three deaths in two days all by gunfire is disturbing," said Chief Ray Tarasovic. "You're energized by the fact that you don't have them, and then you have two in the same day."

Police chief Ray Tarasovic spoke with NBC12, fresh off a walk-through in South Richmond's Bramblewood neighborhood.

A homicide that took place there back in May remains unsolved, and it's one case of at least four that detectives haven't been able to make an arrest in.

"Truthfully, that's why we're out here now - people have to take a stand," he said.

Chief Tarasovic put out a similar call after a five-year-old was shot in Whitcomb Court late last month. That case also remains unsolved, and the chief says the main reason is that people are scared to come forward for fear of retaliation.

"We have to show that we'll support those who take a stand," said Chief Tarasovic.

Across town in Church Hill, that's what police here are trying to do. Following a violent armed robbery and Tuesday's homicide in neighboring Union Hill, citizens and police share information and tips to prevent further crime.

"If I see something that looks out of place, then you can give them a quick call and they're right up the street," said Church Hill resident Colin Schlueter.

"Anything I can do to help prevent crime is important," said fellow resident Karen Cooper.

Detectives hope that sentiment will eventually echo throughout the whole of the city.

Monday's shooting and both shootings on Tuesday are unsolved right now. If you can help police, you can do so anonymously and call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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