Watch out for suspicious email from scammers posing as reputable companies

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Some recent phone and internet scams seem to be coming from companies you trust, but you shouldn't trust them.

The Better Business Bureau reminds consumers to be careful the next time you answer your phone.

The consumer agency blasted out this alert to warn people about a phone scam. The scammers can manipulate Caller ID to display a number you recognize. They can even make it display your own number.

If you answer the call, it's typically a robo-call. Victims have reported several different phishing scams where a recording prompts you to verify your credit card information.

The BBB says never trust your Caller ID. If it seems suspicious, hang up. You can report fraudulent calls to the Federal Trade Commission.

Also, don't fall for one email arriving in your inbox claiming to be from MasterCard. In it, scammers tell you that you've won $1 million in what they call a MasterCard Lottery.

The scammers are trying  to get you to open a malicious link or attachment.  There is no MasterCard Lottery. Don't reply to the message, click any links or open any attachments.

If you receive an email like this, you can report it to MasterCard.

A viewer reported another suspicious email claiming to be from Verizon. The email says there was a problem with your account and provides a link. We noticed some warning signs. The first is that the recipient's name was not capitalized. Also, when we hovered our mouse over the link, we found it doesn't actually take you to Verizon's web site.

Remember, never click links in emails. If you think there is a problem with your account, contact Verizon directly. You can also forward your suspicious Verizon emails to Verizon.

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