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Renotta Jernigan and her children remembered in Blackstone


It was clearly a devastating day for anyone who knew Renotta Jernigan and her two children. They've now been placed in their final resting spot, but many who loved them are far from being at peace.

Three caskets covered in flowers—It's a sight that will be etched in the memories of those attending the funeral of Renotta, Seth and Alexis.

The church was packed with family and friends, comforting one another after the unthinkable happened just a week ago.

Jared Williams and Jessica Mueller have been church friends with Renotta since they were young. "She was a very confident, strong person. And she helped me a lot with my confidence and doing things at church and in front of people. And she was a great person," said Mueller.

The pair says Renotta was known for her strong character and dedication to her children.

"She was always there for her kids," said Williams. "Every time you looked on Facebook, she'd always have pictures."

Another friend, Christopher Hendrix, said, "Her smile would brighten up the cloudiest day."

During the funeral service, the reverend prayed for help for the family members and loved ones who are now dealing with such an unthinkable tragedy.

"Love one another, keep faith in your friends and your family, and you'll get through it together," Hendrix said.

Clinging together, and beginning this long process of healing.

Friends of Renotta tell us she asked her husband for a divorce eight days before she was killed.

They say he was having difficulty with the situation and sending cryptic text messages to friends.

Renotta and her children were buried together. Husband Chris Jernigan's funeral will be scheduled at a later date.

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