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Doctors warn of sun related injuries during heat wave


The City of Richmond will open two cooling shelters Wednesday, over concerns of soaring temperatures.

While keeping cool is an absolute must in this severe heat, it couldn't keep all Richmonders indoors.

"We're just walking a couple of blocks," said Paul Hammond. He and his dog took a stroll despite the high temperatures. "This is Arnold and it's a little too hot to do anything other than get wet and cool off." 

Hammond is not the only one taking in all that Mother Nature has to offer.

"We decided why not get out and enjoy the trails today because normally we never have a chance to get out," said Stephen Harrell, but he knew he'd have to stock up on water.

"Actually, two bottles. Two bottles of water," he pointed out.

It's a necessary precaution.

"People do die from exposure to extreme heat," said Dr. David Trump.

He says if you're not careful, the sun can cause serious problems like dehydration, heat cramps, and exhaustion.

"The most severe would be heat stroke, when someone actually stops sweating and their temperature can go up 105, 106 degrees and it can be a life threatening situation," he explained.

But even in these warm temperatures, there are some people who don't have air conditioning and others who can't afford to constantly run it.

"If you don't have air conditioning, see if you can make a plan for at least part of the day or times to go to a shopping center into the air conditioned space, or into a public building into air conditioned space or a friend's home," Dr. Trump added.

Making minor adjustments as the heat makes a major appearance can actually save your life.

"Normally we would walk around the island a couple of times and get some exercise. I think today is a little intense for that," Hammond admitted.

The Southside Community Services Center (4100 Hull Street Rd.) and the Department of Social Services (900 E. Marshall) will both serve as cooling sites in Richmond Wednesday. They will open at 11 a.m. and stay open through 5 p.m. for anyone who needs to beat the heat.

To apply for financial assistance to help cool your home,

Visit: or call:

Chesterfield/Colonial Heights DSS



Dinwiddie DSS



Hanover DSS



Henrico DSS



Hopewell DSS



Petersburg DSS



Richmond DSS


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