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Retired Marine comes to family's aid after shooting


Five piercing gunshots will forever be etched in retired Marine Gary Nguyen's mind. He says he was watching TV when the shots were fired at his neighbor's home next door.

"My response was just to turn off everything and look outside. My brother came out and we saw the neighbors were reacting very cautiously and we saw a body on the floor," Nguyen said.

That was the body of Renotta Jernigan, 30. Aware that the children could possibly still be in the home Nguyen went inside. He went frantically from room to room searching for the children. He finally came across Seth, 2.

"The baby was there, and I couldn't see him. I went out to tell them that the baby got shot. I called the nurse to come and help resuscitate the baby. We brought him out and did CPR on the baby," Nguyen said.

While they were trying to help the baby, his mother died not too far from their home. Renotta Jernigan's daughter Alexis, 9, was found by other neighbors and police.

Nguyen says finding the child suffering from a gunshot wound was the worse thing he has ever experienced. Though his attempts were unsuccessful, he and his brother did all they could to help, never hesitating, not even once.

Chesterfield Police continue their investigation into the murder suicide.

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