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Separate audit documents past issues at McGuire VA


Recent audits reveal issues with cleanliness and patient care at McGuire Veterans Medical Center.

This audit, separate from the national one making headlines about patient care, is the latest report from the Office of Inspector General, which routinely visits these medical centers. McGuire has been inspected three times in the last seven years. The latest findings show 13 trouble spots, all of which McGuire says its addressed.

Every hospital in the country is subject to all kinds of rules, regulations and reviews, but VA facilities have one extra layer of oversight by the Office of Inspector General.  Reports like this are done every few years at every VA facility to "ensure that our nation's veterans receive high quality VA health care services."

The latest assessment at McGuire is from August of 2013. In it, inspectors noted dirty floors and/or bases of bedside tables in patient care rooms and that staff did not consistently clean inpatient rooms, intravenous pumps, poles and stretchers.

McGuire agreed with the findings and revised its guidelines for the cleaning of rooms. Staff was also retrained.

The report (PDF) also zeroes in on the prevention of patient bed sores. Inspectors noted problems with screening patients for the sores before they were discharged and also documenting bed sores and their risk on nearly a dozen patients. McGuire again agreed with the findings and made skin inspections a priority. The facility also retrained staff.

A McGuire spokesperson says the audits are routine and beneficial to the hospital and all of the patients it serves.

"We welcome that, because with their feedback, you get better. And what do you want to do for your patients? You always want to get better. I want to be somewhere where people always want to do better for me," said Edwards. "One of the ways of doing this is to put [the reports] on the web so good folks like yourself and others can read it because others in health care can benefit from this. This is information that can be helpful to you and others seeking their own health care."

The McGuire VA questions that national audit that says the wait times here for a new patient is 72 days. The facility says its records show wait times around half as long, in the 30s.  Auditors have flagged the hospital for further review and investigation.

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