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Richmond radio personality reflects on Casey Kasem


A radio legend, Casey Kasem's voice inspired millions across the country. For Chris Parker, hearing the news was particularly unsettling.

Parker has been on the airwaves for over 15 years. He says it is greats like Kasem who inspired and paved the way for him.

"He was the first DJ to really get inside the American home and make it really comfortable. If Casey Kasem told you that a song was the number one hit, you knew it was huge and you always trusted his word," Parker said.

Kasem set a precedent for many DJs and radio hosts. Many still follow his format even to this day.

"If you've ever heard of any kind of countdown where they are like, 'Count them down 20 down to 1,' that is all based on Casey Kasem's work," Parker said.

While Kasem may be gone, Parker says he left a lasting legacy that many will never forget.

"At the end of every broadcast, he would go, 'Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. I'm Casey Kasem,' and that is how he would close it out. And anybody who is anybody is the radio industry knew that quote, and had said to themselves in the car at least a thousand times," Parker said.

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