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Parents of car accident victims hire attorney


The parents of the two little boys hit by a car while walking to their South Richmond elementary school back in December have hired an attorney and are considering filing lawsuits.

E. Wayne Powell tells NBC12 they may file a lawsuit against the driver that hit the boys and they've already given the city notice there may be a claim against it.

We now know the trauma caused by the accident. The ten-year-old broke his leg. He and a five-year-old were scraped and bruised, but Powell says that's not all.

"Waking up with night sweats, having some dreams and some outbursts of fear kind of things," he listed.

Powell explains he's looking into what the city could have done differently.

"There's some indication of a walking area and then you've gotten the ‘school' written, beyond that there are no lights, no flashing lights indicating that it's a school area," he described.  "Is it sufficient? I mean, have they done as much as they should do?"

He's also investigating the woman charged in the accident and whether or not she was speeding as witnesses reported. We're told it happens a lot in that area.

We took our radar gun out to Dorset Street to figure out what's going on. Most people we tracked slowed down when they saw our radar gun and camera. Only a few drivers were actually going above the speed limit, but neighbors say on most days and that day back in December, it's not like this.

"I would estimate between 50 to 70 sometimes," Millie Hughes said of the speeds she sees on the road. "They probably need to learn to slow down."

That could happen as the result of a possible lawsuit, but right now attorneys and the little boys' parents are figuring out their next move.

Powell adds they'll monitor how the boys are doing over the summer and likely decide if they'll proceed with the case by the fall.

We contacted city officials for a comment on our story and the possible lawsuits. We are waiting for a response.

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