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Chesterfield Good Samaritan gets apology, driver found guilty


The Chesterfield Good Samaritan who lost both his legs while helping during a car accident received an apology on Thursday from the driver.

But a judge found the driver, Horace Loving, guilty of reckless driving.  He says Loving, 70, was going way too fast for the icy conditions.  Loving now has to pay a $500 fine, will serve eight days on the sheriff's workforce and his license is suspended for six months. 

Brad Hughes gave an emotional testimony in court, giving many details about the night he lost both legs.  Back in March, he used his truck, which had flashing lights, to shield a police officer responding to multiple crashes on Midlothian Turnpike. Other emergency vehicles had not yet arrived.  Hughes says as he was reaching for the flares; when he was hit.

"He can actually remember the feel, the impact when he got hit and he awakes later on basically with no legs," says Jeff Oppleman, Hughes' lawyer.

Loving told the court he had swerved to avoid hitting a parked car blocking his lane, but the bridge was icy and he car was propelled forward into Hughes.

In court he took Hughes' hand saying, "I'm sorry for what happened. It was beyond my control."

"He said it, Brad accepts it, but it doesn't change anything," says Oppleman.

Oppleman says a civil suit has not yet been filed, but Hughes has a long road to go before he is fully recovered.

There has been an outpouring of support for Hughes who many people call a Good Samaritan.  Volunteers have refurbished his home so he can move around more easily now that he is in a wheelchair.

Both sides agree, the driver never meant to hurt anyone that night.

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