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Political analysts weigh in on Cantor's loss


Cantor's defeat is sending shockwaves throughout the seventh district and beyond. According to most political analysts, the outcome is a huge shock.

"I'm not sure I knew anybody who really expected this," said Bill Oglesby, professor of Media and Culture at VCU. "There were a few, maybe a handful of people, but most people had no idea this was coming. It's very very rare, generally the power of incumbency is very, very powerful."

Oglesby says, Cantor did have the best possible situation to win. He was a long-time and powerful incumbent with a little-known underdog as his competitor.

Oglesby says, this goes to show, be careful what you wish for.

"That's apparently what did Eric Cantor in: being the incumbent and having a lot of people not happy about it," he said. "If you have a highly charged electorate, people who are motivated to get to the polls and who really care, even in a primary that can make a big difference."

Meanwhile, the conservative grassroots group "FreedomWorks" said, "It doesn't matter what office you hold or how powerful you are. If you lose touch with activists on the ground, then your seat is in danger."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee saying it's worried that Brat is even more conservative than Cantor.

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