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Hundreds gather in Richmond for the Faith Walk to end violence


Hundreds gathered on Saturday at the Faith Walk to stand in solidarity and send a message to stop violence in Richmond. 

Justice has yet to be served for some of the friends and family members of the victims of violent crimes.

Daledrika Price's best friend Ebony Hurd was gunned down in April.  This isn't the first time she has lost a friend to gunfire and she fears it will not be the last.
"I'm really tired of going to funerals.  I'm tired of having to get shirts made and children coming up without their parents; their loved ones.  It is time for everyone to come together," Price said.

The Faith Walk hopes to change Daledrika's fears by bringing everyone in the community together before more lives are taken.

"We are asking for unity not just in South Richmond but in all communities from the North, South, East, and the West," Evangelist Markeita Boyd said.

The group started at the Manchester Court building and walked down Hull Street to Southside Plaza.  Kenisha Dorsey was among the crowd.  Her 19-year-old daughter Kadijah Steward, was shot and killed earlier this year.

Kenisha is here along side hundreds of other parents and children, including two young girls who have more than youth in common.  Their fathers were good friends and were killed just four years apart on the same street.

"It's not fair to these children.  They have to live the rest of their days without their fathers," Cheryl Robinison said.

As the group marched on to the finish site, many said there is still work to be done and so many more people and lives to touch.  They say they will continue the Faith Walk year after year, until the violence ends.
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