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CPR Awareness week


The push is on right now to get more people to learn CPR. The American Heart Association is leading the charge, saying classes help save lives. Lauren Kornacki of Glen Allen learned that firsthand almost two years ago, and now she's helping to spread the message.

Lauren Kornacki's message is simple.

"Learn the basics of CPR, and be able to save a life if need be," she said.

And she has been tagging along with members of the American Heart Association, spreading this message in CPR classes like this one at the Calhoun Community Center in Richmond.

"You never know when you are going to need it," Lauren explained.

She knows this all too well. Nearly two years ago, her father was in his garage in Glen Allen working on a car. Suddenly, it fell on top of him. Lauren miraculously lifted the car, and performed CPR on her unconscious father. It saved his life....and this is the story she shares with anyone who will listen.

"I was a lifeguard and in six years of being a lifeguard, I never once used it," she said. "The most important time I used it was not anywhere near my job."

Which is why, she says, it's important to learn CPR, no matter your occupation.

As for Lauren's father? He is 100% OK- even back to running triathlons. They will share their story this Saturday in another CPR training class at the West Creek Emergency Center.

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