Improper food temperatures and gloves saved for reuse

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The restaurants in this NBC12 Restaurant Report had some common problems on their last health inspections: food sitting at improper temperatures and improper use of gloves.

Teppanyaki Grill at 1321 Carmia Way in Chesterfield had 6 critical violations. The inspection report says sliced fruit on the bar, mussels, raw shell eggs, imitation crab meat, and deviled eggs were not being kept cold enough. They were told to move them to a fridge that could keep them at least 41 degrees.

The report also says single use gloves were saved for reuse in the sushi area. Gloves are not supposed to be used again because they could have bacteria on them from food they've already touched.

The report says that and other violations were corrected. But when the inspector returned two weeks later, he wrote that again food on the bar was not cold enough.

The manager declined to be interviewed, but told us it's been fixed. "Yes, we passed everything. He came in another time. It's fine," he told us.

In Richmond, Portrait House at 2907 West Cary Street had 5 critical violations, including that tofu, gazpacho, chicken, and cheese sticks were stored overnight at improper temperatures. The inspector told them to throw the food out. The report says all critical violations were corrected during the inspection.

And in Henrico, Full Kee Restaurant at 6400 Horsepen Road had 4 critical violations, plus 10 non-critical. The inspector noted that an employee cleaned raw duck, then put on gloves to chop Peking duck for a takeout customer without washing their hands. Hand washing before donning gloves is required to prevent the spread of bacteria. The report says that was corrected right away and Full Kee had one critical violation on the on the follow-up inspection.

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