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HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: Cutting the calories

Here's a newsflash! You're probably eating too much. We all eat too much, which can lead to long-term negative health impacts. But even though it seems daunting, there are small steps you can take to cut your calorie intake.

 The biggest problem is portions. Chances are you are eating more than just one serving at most of your meals. You may think you need all of that food, but if you cut down just a little bit, you'd be satisfied while at the same time improving your health.

 According to Mandy Mirzaie, a registered dietician with Advanced Surgical Partners of Virginia, one easy step is cutting down on the size of your plate.

 "Using smaller forks, using the salad fork instead of the dinner fork, moving things around your house like putting the things you want to eat at eye level and the things that you maybe want to avoid tucked away somewhere."

 It is possible to cut down your caloric intake by 30% just by reducing the size of your plate and fork.

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