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Chesterfield student charged after knife made out of pencil uncovered


An 11-year-old boy in Chesterfield is facing charges for allegedly creating a knife from a mechanical pencil, which police say was discovered in school. The student from Reams Road Elementary has now been charged with illegal possession of a weapon after another student told administrators about it, Monday.

Police say the boy pushed a short piece of metal into the tip of the pencil, which can easily be taken apart. The sharp end protruded out, making for a potentially dangerous scenario. Thankfully, investigators say the pencil wasn't used in a threatening way, and no one was hurt. Still, parents of Reams Road Elementary students are alarmed.

"That's kind of scary. It's kind of scary the kids even know how to do that," said mom Jennifer Harrell, who has three daughters at the school.

An array of different kinds of makeshift weapons can be configured out of mechanical pencils. Many of them are projectile. A slew of online videos feature kids making projectile guns and knives from mechanical pencils and pens.

Police haven't confirmed whether the pencil-knife the child allegedly made was intended to be shot off. Regardless, kids converting any ordinary object into something harmful at school is unnerving, with serious consequences in today's society.

"[I'm] nervous," continued Harrell. "Kids know how to do a lot of things these days. So, I guess we just all have to watch out and make sure our kids know better,"

Chesterfield Schools did not immediately get back to NBC12 with a response.

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