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Court documents reveal murder weapons are hammer and liquor bottle


Gruesome new details were revealed in the death of Samantha Myers this past March. We've uncovered confessions of the bloody beating endured by Myers, who police originally called Jane Doe when she was found under an overpass on Hopkins Road.

The most notable discovery revealed in the court documents filed in Richmond Circuit Court is what was used to deal those fatal blows to Samantha Myers' head. Myers was beaten with both a hammer and liquor bottle, according to court records.

"It was frightening," neighbor Grace Thomas recalled.

Months after her body was discovered and the alleged killers locked-up, people in her South Richmond neighborhood still cannot get over Myers' death.

"They feel kind of bad because they was in bed asleep while this was happening," Thomas said. "We had no way to know that."

Shivers ran through Thomas, who lives directly across from the home where Myers was killed, when we explained just how brutal this beating was.

"I'm stunned," she exclaimed.

According to affidavits, Selena Hairston told police Samantha Myers made inflammatory statements about her. That's when her boyfriend Jamarr Hursey went to another upstairs room in the house, got a hammer, came back and hit Myers in the head. When Myers, 20, was on the ground, Hairston told police she also hit her on the head, this time with a liquor bottle.

Hairston, along with her mother Yvette Hairston and Hursey went to great lengths to dispose of this body, according to court documents. When the medical examiner did the autopsy, she wrote the body was wrapped in a tarp. Two trash bags were found over the top of Myers' half-naked body, which was tied with a brown electrical cord. Myers' arms were raised and her wrists were bound. 

In diagrams from the autopsy report, it is clear Myers sustained multiple wounds, including "traumatic brain injury."

But it appears the 20-year-old may have fought back. The evidence log also notes strands of hair in both of Myers' hands.

"It's just awful," Thomas added after hearing the new information. "It's awful!"

Selena Hairston and Jamarr Hursey are facing first-degree murder charges. Hairston's mother Yvette, who originally falsely confessed to the crime, will go on trial for concealing a dead body and destroying evidence.

Hursey is scheduled to be in court for a motions hearing this Friday.

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