Clues on Twitter lead to hidden cash in Richmond-area

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - At least two Twitter accounts are dropping clues on a hidden cash scavenger hunt across the Richmond-area.

People have been hiding envelopes full of cash in cities across the country, since a San Francisco social experiment caught fire on Twitter. Now the envelopes are in the Richmond-area and people here are cashing in.

An account with the twitter handle @hiddenRVAcash gave away $100 on Friday, then doubled it on Saturday. The anonymous man behind the account says this is "a serious way to give back."

"For years, I profited greatly from the Payday & Title Loan Industry. I'm saddened by good people that are unable to escape the never ending Payday Loan cycle, and those who have had their livelihood repossessed after months of making payments on Title Loans," he says. "I simply want to prevent good people from entering into these loans, or assist them in getting out of one."

People have been rewarded for deciphering clues like, "Suburb named for a Chief. He didn't hunt Lions for food but he surely knew a Medicine Doctor." 

 All the envelopes have been placed near payday and title loan shops and the account tweeted Wednesday afternoon more is on the way.

Another account from Colonial Heights using the handle @hiddencash_CH also is promising to hide more cash on Wednesday.

In many cases, the finders aren't acting as keepers, as the found money is being used to pay it forward.

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