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Richmond police investigating four weekend shootings

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The search is on for several suspects wanted for shootings during a particularly violent weekend in Richmond. Detectives are investigating four incidents that all happened within just about 24 hours, including one homicide and the shooting of an almost two-year-old girl.

The shooting of that child started with an argument between two men inside a home on Harwood Street late Sunday night. Police said one man decided to pull out a gun. The young girl was shot once and is still fighting for her life, authorities said.

"I just wish it would be different," said Melvin Lee, who was in Hillside Court the day after the shooting. "I wish it would stop."

Monday, there was an ironic setting found in Hillside. Where Sunday night blue flashing lights invaded the area, Monday, a Crime Stoppers sign stood directly across from the house where that 23-month-old girl was shot.

"Why," a man who wished to be identified only as Sputnik exclaimed. "Why?"

That's what many who live in the area are now asking. They've become used to the crime scene tape, but said it hits home harder when the crime involves a child who was an innocent bystander.

"I just think it's sad," Lee explained. "I'm not angry; I'm more baffled."

Sources said there were at least five people including the child inside the unit when the gun went off. When police got there, the two people involved in the fight had already fled.

Now, the community is left reeling from what's become a common choice made in the heat of an argument, a choice with often deadly consequences.

"That was unnecessary to pull a gun out and shoot, you know?" Sputnik said. "Sometimes you got to be a man, fight and let it go."

People throughout Richmond said after four shootings, something else needs to be done. They're asking for more from the police.

"Be around more often, patrol more often on foot, whatever," Sputnik suggested.

But that's not all. They also believe the community needs to step up.

"A lot I blame on the parents, because the parents are not teaching the kids," Lee added.

"There's got to be involvement here," Sputnik recommended. "Counselors or coaches or something has got to come in here and correct it."

Tuesday morning, Richmond Police Chief Ray Tarasovic and Mayor Dwight Jones have scheduled a briefing on the recent events.

Then Tuesday evening, Tarasovic is scheduled to be at a community meeting dealing with south side crime. Two city council members are holding that gathering at Southside Plaza at 6 p.m.

Sunday night's shooting of a child marks the third time a child has been shot in Richmond so far this year. Just last month, a five-year-old was hit in Whitcomb Court and in February, a seven-year-old was one of three people shot outside a store in the East End.

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