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Hanover Sheriff's office says exploding targets result in felony charge


The Hanover Sheriff's office says if you mix compounds of exploding target powder then you could find yourself behind bars. They first began causing problems in Chesterfield County. Two months later in March it was Hanover's Black Creek area.

"Standing in my kitchen it was like someone had fired a shotgun right outside my window that's how loud it was but it was really a mile up the road so it scared me," Isaac Sweeney said.

The Sheriff's office in Hanover wants to put a stop to these exploding targets before someone is seriously hurt.

"Certainly people can get harmed by these products, they could get harmed we've even had reports where they have shaken people's homes once they have been detonated," Chris Whitley said.

Inside the container are two compounds. The Hanover County Sheriff's Office says now mixing the contents that causes the explosion is considered a felony."

"These compounds that are contained within these packages in and of themselves are legal however when they are combined, that is what is been determined illegal by the Hanover County Sheriff's Office."

It is still a gray area where some counties are concerned. In Chesterfield, the Commonwealth Attorney's Office is still working to determine if mixing the two contents of the explosive powder constitutes a felony under state law.

"I think its a good thing, I mean it was loud and unnecessary I don't mind if people shot stuff as long as if it is not bothering anybody but that did," Sweeney said.

Avid shooters and users of the exploding target powder say they don't consider the compound dangerous if used in isolated areas. Authorities say each case of exploding target powder is different but if they are able to prove that two compounds were mixed together then you could face felony charges.

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