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School board to review RPS principal & assistant principal contracts

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Some Richmond students' schools could have new principals and assistant principals as soon as the next school year.

The Richmond School Board will be taking a closer look at school leadership starting Monday.

On the school board agenda for Monday's meeting is something called the "re-election process." It has nothing to do with politics, but is a way for board members to go over every contract for every employee.

Teachers may be the most direct influence on your child's education, but School Board Member Jeff Bourne says there are other factors to consider when improving city schools.

"The academic leader of that building, the principal, the assistant principal, those are the folks that really lead and provide the vision and the oversight for what goes on in a classroom," Bourne explained. "So if you have a great teacher and a mediocre or sub par principal you're not going to get the results."

Starting Monday, the board is going to be asking some very critical questions.

"Does Principal X work at this school?" Bourne listed. "Is it a good fit with the parents? Is it a good fit with the community? Do they have the relationships they need to make their schools successful?"

The goal is to decide which principal and assistant principal contracts to renew and which to say "this isn't really working." Board members will also consider moving school leaders to other facilities if there are better fits.

Bourne believes there is a good chance Richmond parents and students could see different school administrators as soon as this fall.

"I think so because what we're saying is we want to focus on those academic leaders in the building and make sure that we're putting our students first," he added.

Given the single digit test scores RPS saw last year, the discussion is even more important now.

Bourne says this process could take a few weeks. Those new contracts are scheduled to start July 1. 

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