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Richmond group calls for meeting with police chief after recent crime


Police have responded to a shooting or armed robbery in Richmond every weekend this month. What should be done? Neighbors say they are fed up, and they're requesting a meeting with the police chief. 

"The crime has just gotten out of hand," said Chantelle Winston.

Winston is working with a group called Southside Debaters Seeking Solutions 4 Change. The group is planning to hold a community dialogue Thursday at the Southside Plaza Social Service Building.

"Looks like every Saturday and Sunday," said group member Carrie Cox. "Somebody is getting shot...somebody is dying in the street." 

Saturday May 3: Police tell us around 5:30 a.m. thieves approached the victim in the 2600 block of Hull Street. We are told one of the suspects punched the victim and demanded money.

Sunday May 11th: Random gun fire left a 5-year-old shot and recovering in the hospital.

Saturday May 18th: Multiple people were arrested after shots were fired at a South Richmond apartment complex.

Saturday May 24: Richmond police launched a search for a person who shot a woman and assaulted a man on the Southside.

"Lets help our officials," sad Cox. "Lets help our police. Lets help these people stop all this crime going on in the city of Richmond." 

That public is set for Thursday, May 29 at 6:30 at 4100 Hull Street. Police officials, school board and city council members are invited.

"This is that moment," said councilwoman Michelle Mosby. "You have two representatives that on their memorial weekend are taking out time out to say we are with you. We get it." 

Public Safety Chairwoman Reva Trammell and Councilwoman Mosby are planning a meeting of their own for Tuesday, June, 3 at 6:00pm at the Southside Social Service Building. Police Chief Ray Tarasovic is the special guest.

"You can't blame the police chief," said Reva Trammell. "You can't blame the police officers. You can't blame Mr. Mayor for this. We all have to come together and work together." 

Cox says the group is not looking to assign blame. 

"Not," said Cox. "We are not here to blame anybody. If we are going to blame somebody...we need to blame ourselves, too. Everybody is turning a blind eye."

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