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Python found in Chimborazo Park is reunited with owner


The owner of a python found in a busy Richmond park explained only to NBC12 how it got there.

Curtis Brooks says, he took his three pet snakes out for a walk the Saturday before Mother's Day but at one point decided to take a quick nap. That's when one of the snakes slithered away.

Slick, the three-foot long Ball Python was captured by a Richmond Police officer on Mother's Day. How Slick ended up in a park full of families and children had mystified investigators.

Brooks says, "sleep overtook" him and when he woke up, Slick was gone.

"My first thought when I woke up was, it's over," said Brooks. "In other words, I'm not even going to waste time trying to find him. With all that grass and everything, he's back in nature now. I'm not going to get him."

However, Sunday morning Lt. Dan Minton with the Richmond Police Department got a phone call from a man they call "Squirrelman," because of his affinity for squirrels in the park.

"I got a phone call from Squirrelman at Chimborazo Park and he said, 'Lieutenant Dan you gotta come to the park, there's a snake as big as my leg.'"

Luckily, Lieutenant Dan has experience with the cold blooded creatures. He captured the snake and handed it over to Richmond Animal Control.

But first, he snapped a few photos of the snake and put them on Twitter. Someone who knows Brooks and his snake notified the snake lover who then called Lieutenant Dan, who helped reunite the python with its owner. 

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