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EXCLUSIVE: Alexis Murphy's parents' message to Randy Taylor

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To understand what Alexis Murphy's parents have been through the last ten months, they want people to understand the child they've lost.

 Laura Murphy and Troy Brown say Alexis was a bubbly, athletic, fashion forward teen who was bursting with potential.

Laura Murphy says life will never be the same without their daughter Alexis.

"Mother's Day was hard, because Alexis last year gave me a card. She told me how much I was a wonderful mother. It was just hard for us," Laura Murphy, Alexis' mother said.

Alexis' father Troy Brown has tried to stay under the radar since his daughter went missing on August 3rd. He says it's been a pain so deep, it's unbearable.

"It's just painful. That's my little girl. For her to have to go through something like this, for something to happen to her like this, it's been terrible really," Troy Brown Alexis' father said.

Brown and Murphy have had to remain silent after being subpoenaed to testify against the man convicted of killing their daughter.

But now, they have their chance to talk about the trial, Randy Taylor, and their message moving forward.

"It was kind of painful, angry, sad, but I knew I had to keep my composure so we wouldn't have a mistrial and we could get justice," Brown said.

"You see the jury in court and they know that in this community we're not going to tolerate that and Alexis is everybody's child, not just mine," Murphy says. "But for her to be my only girl, that's hard, but I know I got to keep going for my two boys."

Murphy addressed Taylor's outburst in court after she asked the jury to give him the maximum punishment.

"I just think if he had something to say, he should have done it in the court that day instead of running out," Murphy said.

She also commented on his decision to talk to the media after being convicted of Alexis' abduction and murder.

"He is right about what thing, he not only hurt my family, but he has a family too and they will be suffering along with us," Murphy said. 


What Taylor did and didn't say, including his different stories to police about where he was the day Alexis went missing, sent off some serious red flags for the Murphy's.

"If you say you're innocent, you would have given up somebody," Brown said.

"I think that day he took her (Alexis) kindness for a weakness," Murphy said.

Murphy says Taylor had every opportunity to take a plea deal, which says would have meant 20 years in prison as long as he told investigators where he put Alexis' body.

"It's just that we got justice for her, but we don't have her and that's just the hard part," Murphy said. "We don't have closure. We just half of closure. We won't have closure until we have her body."

This family says they will never stop looking for Alexis.

Their energy is now focused on connecting with other parents who have a missing or murdered child.

They've also supported legislation called "Every Second Counts," which in part encourages law enforcement to work together.

Murphy says the FBI and Virginia State Police immediately jumping on their daughter's case made all the difference in catching Taylor.

She says when she first went in to file a missing person report, the person she talked to at the sheriff's office said she had never filled one out.

She hopes it can set an example for other missing person cases moving forward.

"I know our sheriff's department is small and they couldn't handle that, but to have the FBI and VSP to help that's a big crucial part in the first 48 hours."

But for now, this mother has one message to the man convicting of killing her daughter.

"There's one thing I do want to pass on to Randy Taylor. If you don't want to tell FBI, the cops, or anyone, tell me. I will come see you. Tell me because that's my daughter and I just want to know where she is," Murphy said.

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