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Petersburg couple: burglars stole our pet dog


A desperate couple from Petersburg called NBC12, after they say burglars ransacked their home and stole their dog, Lady.

Keyetta Washington and Damon Henry describe Lady as a loving, protective pitbull. When they arrived home Tuesday afternoon, Lady was nowhere to be found, along with some of their most expensive belongings.

The engaged pair says it's not likely that Lady ran away, since they believe she'd confront any intruders, instead of retreating. This makes the couple extremely concerned that something threatening might have happened to their pet.

Keyetta and Damon discovered a busted back door. The frame and surrounding wall was cracked. They soon realized their home on the 300 block of Terrace Avenue was a crime scene.

"Everything was flipped upstairs, all the furniture," said Damon.

The bedrooms were turned up-side-down. A vent was even ripped from the ceiling. The couple says thieves made off with cash, jewelry, a fur coat, and Lady.

"I'm screaming and crying," described Keyetta, upon hearing her six-year-old dog was missing. "She's a family dog. I had her since she was a baby."

Keyetta and Damon scoured nearby streets, hoping their dog would appear. However, there's been no sign of Lady. They believe the dog likely defended her home, when burglars approached.

"She protects the house," continued Damon, of his dog's usual demeanor towards strangers.

The couple is concerned that the burglars might have tried to challenge Lady, fending her off with the grate to their barbeque, on the deck. The grate was found removed from the grill and on the lawn, yards away from the deck.

"So I don't know if she's hurt somewhere," added Damon.

"Even though I know they took money and jewelry and things like that…If I get my dog back, I will feel so much better," said Keyetta.

The couple is offering a reward for the return of their dog.

If you've seen Lady, call Petersburg police at (804) 732-4222. Or, contact the family directly at

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