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After audit, tax payers question how their tax dollars are being spent


This deal could have cost more than $400,000 of your tax money. Tax payers wonder what the city was thinking.

Charlette Smith says she'd like to see all that money go towards fixing other problems.

"Potholes they are huge and are messing peoples cars up and nobody has money to fix it, the streets are still torn up all over the city," Charlette smith said.

In the last budget cycle, more than $58 Million dollars went to Public Works which includes fixing pot holes and road work. The city is proposing a $1.7 million increase in the budget for 2015.

"I feel like they should somehow have a meeting about that and come to some type of understand and agreement of where is that money coming from," Tyrone Coleman said.

Recently, there have been calls for more money to fix aging Richmond school buildings.

"Kids have to be transferred to other schools because the deterioration of the inside of the schools, ceilings falling on children's heads."

The mayor and Richmond City council recently added $7 Million to repair schools. Another fund gave an additional 4 point 8 million dollars giving teachers a 3 percent raise.

While this money is said to come from multiple sources, taxpayers we talked to say the city doesn't have an extra $400,000 to spare.

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