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Education Editorial: Fundraisers

By: Bill Bosher

Recent news reports have focused on an elementary school fundraiser where a private organization that was running the event took 50 percent of the contributions.  Comments from watchdog groups have questioned whether or not the "take" was excessive, but should volunteer groups use professional fundraisers to do work that contributors may believe that they are doing.

Should children be used to raise money even if it will benefit them? As for the first, one article noted that professional fundraisers made it much easier on the volunteers. Who said that volunteering should be easy? Hospitals, arts organizations, museums and PTA's have thousands of wonderful people who contribute their time, expertise, and labor to support their causes and children.  

While many public organizations, with universities at the head of the list, hire people to help them raise money, it should never be at the expense of volunteerism. As for using children, I have purchased many things, and eaten lots of donuts, because a child made a pitch with eyes that could not be denied. Here is the greatest caution! Even if for a good cause, beware of pressure placed on both the buyer and the seller when little ones are involved. 

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