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James River levels on the rise


The James River is one of Richmond's best assets but it can also be extremely dangerous especially when it is on the rise.

"After the river level starts to rise, it takes debris up off the embankment, it will bring trees down that may have fallen during previous storms, any kind of trash unfortunately that people may have left along the embankment, all those things become hazards once they are in the water." said Robbie Hagaman a Lieutenant with the Richmond Fire Department.

The river has now reached the level where strict safety precautions are in place. When it's over five feet that means a life jacket is required. Once it reaches 9 feet you have to get a permit to be out on the water.

According to the National Weather Service the James River could rise to 14 maybe even 16 feet by this weekend, that means the water could be moving a lot faster than you realize.

"We're not trying to keep people from coming out and enjoying what the river has to offer. We're actually still encouraging that. We want you to come out and have fun, but we want you to be aware of what the hazards can be." Hagaman said.

If you don't take the proper action, you could receive a citation.

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