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ON YOUR SIDE: Twin brothers cope with extreme allergies



A whiff of perfume or eating baked goods could send twin boys to the emergency room, or have them writhing in pain.

The boys are intent on raising awareness about their condition. They hope it gets them help.

On Your Side investigator Diane Walker has more on what these 7th graders are up against.

It's great the twins have each other, because their condition is isolating. It got severe recently, triggered by perfume and cologne other students at their middle school like to wear.

They often have to leave school because of their allergies and work with a tutor at home.

Teen years are tough enough without a severe allergic condition. Walking the dog if it's hotter than 70 degrees outside is hazardous for them. Add weakened bones, thinning skin, itching, the inability to sweat, constant infections and rashes, and that's the twins' daily struggle.


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