NTSB continues search for balloon wreckage

NTSB continues search for balloon wreckage

The horrifying images of Friday's tragic balloon accident has sent shockwaves around the nation and touched many lives right here in the Caroline Pines community.

"My heart goes out to them, I pray for the families that lost their loved ones," Tracy Swaney said.

For days, local and federal law enforcement officials took over the area searching for two passengers and the pilot. Now, all three victims of the crash have been located, but the search for wreckage continues.

National Transportation Safety Board authorities said they will likely wrap up their on-site investigation within the next few days. A preliminary report is expected sometime next week.

Investigators said they will be looking to see if weather conditions, mechanical problems, and navigation malfunctions could have led to the balloon hitting the power line. All of this, they said, will be easier to determine once the balloon and gondola are recovered.

"Normally, when you hear about stuff going on, it is across the world," said Swaney.'For something to happen so close to where I live, it is frightening,"

Swaney lives near where the balloon was supposed to land on Friday. She and others are still trying to come to terms with what many are calling a freak accident.

Authorities with the NTSB  say that it will likely be a year before the full report on the investigation is complete.

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