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Marty Cobb honored as hero during funeral service


The family of an eight-year-old hero said their final goodbyes, Friday afternoon. Marty Cobb was laid to rest, after a heart-wrenching service at Mimms Funeral Home. Marty was killed just over a week ago, while trying to save his sister from a sexual assault.

Through tears, flowers, song, and even moments of applause, one message was made overwhelmingly clear during the service: Marty's legacy is one of a brave little boy, whose death begs for change.

Loved ones, and many who never met Marty Cobb ushered into the funeral home. Marty's mother, Sharain Spruill appeared dazed with grief, in the parking lot before the service.

Inside, the chapel was standing room only. Purple and white flowers decorate Marty's white casket. Spruill didn't leave the side of her son's casket, for the entire ceremony.

The pastor leading the ceremony passionately called for change. He described how a system, a community, a home has somehow allowed a child to perish.

Spruill added his toy truck to his casket, alongside a teddy bear and Marty's favorite snack chips.

Spruill's 12- year-old daughter, who survived the attack, wasn't in attendance because of pending issues with social services. However, Spruill is still a heartbroken woman reeling from the loss of her baby, who endured the unthinkable.

Now a community is being called upon to protect all of our children.

"These children need us, at a time when everyone has turned them down...These children need us," said the pastor to the crowd of mourners.

Marty was buried at nearby Maury Cemetery.

The 16-year-old suspect accused of taking Marty's life and strangling his sister is due in court on May 20th.

Two major efforts are underway to honor Marty Cobb nationally, as a hero. 

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