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VCU Board of Visitors to discuss Police Precinct on Broad Street


VCU is hammering out plans to relocate police headquarters along the Broad Street corridor. A decision could come as soon as Friday.

Deondra Wilkins has lived around VCU for the last three years. She says, while she hasn't experienced crime first hand, she is no stranger to the dangers that happen near campus.

"Last year, I lived in an area where a few robberies happened close by, and actually a home invasion happen close by, so it's a very scary situation even if you are not in it, you know that you are around it," Wilkins said.

VCU has remained tight lipped about the possible police move, only saying that is on the agenda for Friday's board of visitors meeting. Students say they are looking forward to more security.

"Who wouldn't want to be safe, like I don't think too many students would have a problem with it."

VCU Police Chief John Venuti would not talk specifically about the headquarter relocation. Virginia Commonwealth University was recently named a crime prevention campus.

"We have seen significant reduction in robberies this academics year, 17 percent reduction in robberies, and you know our success here with VCU is tied to two things: collaboration and innovation," Chief Venuti said.

Students say these efforts by police are proof that with more resources like a new precinct their campus could be more safe.

"It is extremely necessary just to assure that the students here are getting the best protection they can possible," Wilkins said.

That Board of Visitors meeting is expect to take place at noon on Friday.

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