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Three arrested in string of Chesterfield burglaries


Chesterfield Police have arrested three people in connection to a string of County burglaries. David Tedder, Kathy Kirby, and Timothy Sharpe face dozens of charges for the crimes, and police say they may be connected to even more cases.

Police got their first big break – when one of the victims came home and found a truck parked in her front driveway, and then decided to have a conversation. Turned out, the person in that car, was one of the suspects!

She didn't know it at the time, but as she went into her home the truck drove off. The woman realized she was the victim of a burglary, and called police to investigate. 

A K-9 officer headed home from that investigation, drove out to River Road where he saw two people looking suspicious. He stopped, and noticed they looked like they had been in the woods. His hunch was correct- the duo was reportedly inside the home during the burglary.

"We also found that there was a third person driving the vehicle, Timothy Sharpe," said Lt. Steven Grohowski, with the Chesterfield Police Department. "And based on the investigation, we were able to tie 6 burglaries to these three people and they were charged with a total of 40 charges."

It turns out the victim likely scared Sharpe, who was probably driving the getaway car. Police think he left his accomplice, Tedder and Kirby to foot-it. 

Police say these three also face charges in Powhatan County and they could be responsible for even more burglaries, possibly even in other counties. They're doing that investigation right now.

As for the stolen items, police believe they were probably taken to a pawn shop for quick cash. Police are working to recover them now.

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