Hand washing violation and old food in the fridge

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Even if a restaurant worker puts on gloves before they touch food, they're still required to wash their hands first. That helps to prevent bacteria from spreading onto food. Failing to do that was a critical violation at one restaurant in this NBC12 Restaurant Report.

1979 was the year Nhan Nguyen and his family left Vietnam for America. And his specialty is pho, or soup. That's why he named his restaurant at 6909 Staples Mill Road in Henrico, Pho 79.

"We specialize in noodle soup," said Nguyen. "We have beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, and also seafood soup, too."

Pho 79 had 4 critical violations and 12 non-critical on its last health inspection, including that a food employee didn't wash their hands before putting on gloves and returning to food prep activities.

"Usually we have a movie for them to see," explained Nguyen. "They already did, but I have to remind them."

Nguyen said he did remind them and corrected violations on the spot. Pho 79 had zero critical violations on its re-inspection.

In Chesterfield, Don Pepe at 2102 West Hundred Road had 5 critical violations. The report says carnitas, enchilada sauce, and cooked vegetables were still in the fridge several days after their consume-by date. Violations were corrected during the inspection and Don Pepe earned a perfect score on its follow-up inspection.

You have a passport to international cuisine when you go to the Passport Cafe at the University of Richmond. It wins the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award for earning 5 perfect scores on health inspections.

Said manager Karen Kourkoulis, "It means that we're doing a good job serving our clientele that we're serving safe food that's handled properly, so people can enjoy the food without getting tummy aches."