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Parents question Chesterfield school bus driver following fight


A mother and father want to know if their child's Chesterfield school bus driver did enough to stop a fight that they claim left their daughter bruised and bloodied. The video was caught on camera by a student's cell phone.

In the incident report, the bus driver admits a student approached the girl. The driver says the girl was pushed, so she pushed back in defense. That led to a school bus fight that parents say should have ended just as soon as it started.

All caught on cell phone video, middle schoolers seen cheering two students fighting on a school bus.

"She was trying to avoid the whole conflict but there was nothing she could do. The girl was much larger," said Randolph Lewis.

Now he and his wife Taneisha Lewis want answers. They claim, when their daughter was attacked - more should have been done to get the situation under control. She came home in pain and with a bloody nose.

"The bus is still moving. My daughter is now on the floor of the bus…You mean to tell me you're driving this bus and you cannot hear nothing that's going on in the back?" Taneisha Lewis questioned.

"Stop the bus and get hold of the situation and call police as soon as possible," Randolph Lewis said.

NBC 12 took those concerns straight to the school district. Spokesman Shawn Smith says the bus driver did stop the bus "as soon as it was safe to do so."

The parents question if the response was quick enough, considering so much of the fight is caught on camera.

"Then it's viral on the Internet. She's embarrassed to go to school, embarrassed to go on the bus. Who wants that? No kid wants that," Randolph Lewis added.

"She should've said 'ok there's a problem. You sit in front and you go in back' and nothing would have ever happened…What if my daughter was knocked unconscious? They're pounding her and something terrible happened…a brain injury or something. Then what?" Taneisha Lewis said.

NBC 12 reached out to the school district several times to ask if the driver did all she could to stop the fight and to find out how a driver should respond in this situation. Smith would only re-iterate the driver stopped the bus when it was safe.

The Lewis' say the bus driver did call them after she dropped their daughter off to her bus stop - to ask if she was okay, but the family says that response was too little too late. Now, she is suspended from riding the bus for several days.

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