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Baby Grace gets health care after 12 steps in to help

 A Chesterfield mother in desperate need of medical insurance to help her sick baby, says call after call after call to the Affordable Health Care exchange got her nowhere. And her daughter needed care immediately.

Crystal Carino called NBC12 for help, to see if we could intervene and get Baby Grace covered. 

Grace suffers from a condition that is causing a growth above her eye, and without treatment, threatens her vision. We are happy to report, Grace now has coverage, and the family can go back to thinking about normal family things. 

"She is giggling, she is getting her first tooth in," said mother Crystal Carino. 

Carino says getting insurance was a huge relief.

"I immediately started calling her doctors and telling them that she has the insurance now, and they're like GREAT!" said Carino. "Let's get her in."

The insurance finally came through in the last few weeks. 

"I believe Channel 12 has helped a lot," said Carino. "I wouldn't of, I would still be in the same boat and still trying to make the phone calls every single day and would have continuously trying to get her the insurance that she needs."

Grace's prognosis is good. Her medicine seems to be working, and she is seeing doctors regularly. 


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