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Police Looking for Credit Card Fraud Suspects


Chesterfield Police hope someone can help them identify the women shown in these pictures. Police say they stole credit cards from gym parking lots, then went on a shopping spree racking up thousands in credit card charges.

In the pictures, the women are smiling, just having made their purchases. 

"Sadly, they're using someone else's money, so we understand why they would have that reaction," said Cpl. Kevin Bacon with the Chesterfield Police Department. "Plus, they're not going to draw attention to themselves. The cashiers would likely believe the cards belonged to them."

Police say the women took the credit cards from unlocked cars at the ACAC Fitness Center in Midlothian and the Woolridge Road YMCA. 

Police say the cards were stolen in broad daylight, in the middle of the afternoon. Then, they got to shopping- in less than ten days- hitting tons of stores.  

Police say they hit Target, Hollister, Bath and Body Works- even Macy's. Then police say the duo went shopping at Short Pump, hitting up Macy's, Nordstrom, and even Toys R Us- racking up $3,800 on the stolen credit cards.

Police also shared a picture of the van, they believe the suspects were traveling in.

"The pictures were so clear, we know that once someone takes a look at them they'll either know them individually, or because they were together, we're hoping they will recognize them as a pair and call us with the information," said Bacon.

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