Restaurant employee sneezed into hand, touched food container

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - You know that if you sneeze into your hand, you're supposed to wash it before you touch anything that will touch food. A health inspector reported seeing an employee sneeze right into their hand, then touch a to-go food container.

The employee was caught red handed at the Red House, 9810 Jefferson Davis Highway in Chesterfield, according to the health inspection. The restaurant had 6 critical violations.

The employee we talked to said she didn't know what the restaurant did to correct that violation, though the report shows it was corrected during the inspection along with other violations.

But when the inspector returned for a follow-up inspection, the report says the fried rice was again not being adequately cooled to prevent bacteria growth.

We asked to speak with the manager, but the employee said she didn't know his name and that none of the other employees knew the manager's name either. So we left a message, but never head back.

A second follow-up inspection report shows all critical violations had been corrected.

We also went to the Galley Kitchen at 2805 Hathaway Road, Richmond, because it had 6 critical violations. The inspector reported telling the staff to clean a bowl, spoons, scoop, and deli slicer because they were soiled to sight and touch, which they did.

We left a card and a phone message for the manager, but also didn't hear back. The report shows that violations were corrected during the inspection.

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