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Baby murder trial stretches into fourth day


The trial of the Richmond mother accused of giving birth in a bathroom, putting the newborn in a plastic bag, then throwing it in a Monument Avenue dumpster will stretch into an unplanned fourth day. Late Wednesday evening, the judge recessed for the night asking the jurors to come back with fresh eyes Thursday.

Shavaughn Robinson is facing a first degree murder charge in the death of her newborn baby.

Wednesday, defense attorneys put on more evidence to prove an insanity defense. We learned more about Shavaughn Robinson from her fiancé, who was not the father of this baby. He described financial and family issues the two were dealing with back in May when this incident happened. He says he did not know she was pregnant.

In many ways, this trial has become a battle of the experts. The question is whose psychiatrists the jury will believe.

Much of the testimony Wednesday surrounded Robinson's mental state. The psychiatrists differ on diagnoses. An expert flown in from Los Angeles by the defense contends Robinson suffers from a disorder known as "pervasive pregnancy denial," which while complicated essentially means Robinson dissociated with the idea of being pregnant.

A prosecution expert, however, says the mother had ADHD, anxiety and depression. A jail psychiatrist also described the moment Robinson told her why she was incarcerated. When she recalled putting the newborn in the trash, she laughed. The doctor described that as "a very chilling moment."

Jurors are expected back in court Thursday morning. They will be given instructions and then listen to closing arguments from both sides before deliberating.

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