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Family Foundation fasts 40 days for traditional marriage


The Family Foundation in Virginia is summoning Churches to join in on a 40-day campaign of fast and prayer, in part to protest gay marriage.

Chris Freund, a representative from the organization, wanted to correct the misconceptions about what they're trying to do. "It always involves just giving up a single thing," he said. "It doesn't mean going without food."

The organization was critical of the website The Huffington Post, which incorrectly reported the group's effort as a hunger strike. The article generated a flood of messages expressing hatred. "A lot of them very vulgar, a lot of them very hateful, hoping we starve during the 40 days," Freund said.

"I think the folks we're trying to reach understand what a campaign of prayer and fasting is," he said.

Meanwhile, groups that support gay and lesbian marriage are gearing up their own campaigns, especially since a major decision on the issue in Virginia is expected from the Federal Appeals Court in just a few weeks. The court will decide whether to uphold a recent judge's ruling that a ban on gay marriage in Virginia is unconstitutional.

The gay advocacy group Equality Virginia, on the other hand, generates support for gay marriage through hosting cookouts. The organization has planned more than 40 barbecues throughout the state following the court hearings scheduled for this month.

"It's just more about celebration," said Equality Virginia's James Parrish. "All these cookouts are hosted by couples who are legally married in other states. But Virginia doesn't recognize their relationship, or friends and allies."

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