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VDOT delaying maintenance project; $20 million over snow budget


It may not be much of a problem now, but this brush will not be mowed for three months. VDOT is scaling back normal maintenance to save money.

"It looks like we will have some delays in certain projects maybe non essential brush control or mowing. Those projects that are essential to driver safety will not be disrupted," Lindsay LaGrand said.

Blame the snow, because of the active winter, VDOT spent nearly $30 million on snow removal. That is $20 million more than the agency had planned.

Cut-backs aren't limited to mowing. They also include street sweeping, litter pick-up and the purchase of new equipment.

Drivers tell me that their main concern is grass and brush on major roads like Interstate 95, they say that grass that may grow out of control could make it hard to see road signs.

"A lot of times the tall grass or the bushes will be right in your line of sight so that you can't turn on and off of those roads and its going to cause a problem with being able to see if you can get through and cross the roads and it could cause accidents," Gibbins said.

Lindsay LaGrand with VDOT says they will monitor areas to make sure they don't get out of hand but encourage drivers to call if they find problem areas .

Pat Bruker travels Virginia road frequently she says she isn't worried about "temporary" weeds.

"They have budgetary constraints just like all of us do so you have to set a priority and do it. If the grass doesn't get cut until July 1st then we just deal with it," Bruker said.

The delays are expected to be limited to 30 to 60 days or until the new VDOT fiscal year which starts July 1st. 

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