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Henrico road improvement plan doesn't include flooding area

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When the sky opens up, one Eastern Henrico neighborhood is on edge. A section of Creighton Road, near the Hanover County line, routinely floods often blocking traffic for neighbors and two churches. The county is gearing up for a major road improvement project in the area, but the section that floods is not included.

When it rains, it floods.

"Flooding has been an ongoing problem since we've been out here," said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

He's one of many who live near Creighton road and I-295 who have serious concerns.

"If you're coming from 295 on any given day and it's flooded down there, you have to find another route," he said.

That especially impacts traffic flow at his church, St. Paul's Baptist.

"On Sundays, that's a time consuming thing because you've got to go about 5 or 6 miles out the way just to get to church…On occasion, the whole road is under water and it affects our Sunday service and our weekly activities too," he added.

It's not just the church that's affected. There are many homes, even subdivisions along this stretch, that are feeling the impact.

"When we have those instances where the road is flooded we do put out signage and warn folks about it," said Steve Yobb with Public Works.

 He wants neighbors to know the county is aware of the issue. Currently, there's no funding to focus on it.

Right now, a 14 million dollar improvement project is underway on the opposite side of Creighton Road. Some are asking why this section - where it floods- isn't included?

"Fixing the flooding problem at that location is very difficult. There's a lot of environmental constraints. There are a lot of environmental permits. It's in a flood plain and it's in a very sensitive environmental area," Yobb explained.

He says it doesn't mean no, just not now.

Those dealing with the consequences hope the day for improvements here, comes sooner rather than later.

The pastor of another church in the area says improvements in that flood plain would help. Yobb says it would involve cooperation from Hanover County and V-DOT.

The safety project at Laburnum and Creighton, and a bridge replacement near the Glenwood Golf Course will begin later this year.

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