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Trial begins for Richmond mom accused of murdering newborn


Jurors had a long day inside a Richmond courtroom, as they were asked personal questions in the trial of a mother accused of killing her newborn baby. Shavaughn Robinson is facing a first degree murder charge after allegedly giving birth, killing her baby and then throwing it in a Monument Avenue dumpster last May.

Monday, the jury only heard from a few prosecution witnesses. The Commonwealth put together a lengthy list of witnesses to prove Robinson had to know she was pregnant, gave birth in a bathroom stall and then suffocated her baby in a plastic bag she threw in a dumpster behind the Lee Medical Building where she worked as a massage therapist.

Prosecutors said Monday night Shavaughn Robinson was "living a life full of lies." For the first time we learned more about what led up to the death of Robinson's baby, who authorities have named "Angel Robinson."

They told jurors Robinson was on a break from her fiancé, who fathered her four-year-old son. She then got pregnant by a different man.

Defense attorneys do not debate Robinson gave birth to the baby and then put her in a dumpster. They say they want to talk to jurors about how and why this happened and how a mother could do this to her baby.

They described Robinson's history of mental illness. They also asked jurors if they would consider the idea a woman might not know she is pregnant. Robinson began wiping away tears as the trial began.

Monday, it took more than five hours to choose a jury, which is unusually long. The trial is scheduled to go through Wednesday.

Had she lived, Robinson's baby would have been eleven-months-old, Monday, the first day of trial.

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