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Woman calls police over high school assassin game


High school seniors in the West End are playing an "assassin-like" game with water guns but now, Henrico police are involved. One woman called 9-1-1 then reached out to NBC12, saying things are going too far.

The Henrico resident says, she was sitting in her living room Wednesday afternoon when she saw a man dressed in black and wearing a ski mask looking through her back window.

"It terrified me there was someone in my yard who looked like a sniper," she said. "He had his face covered and he had a water gun but he had it painted black so it looked like a real gun."

According to state law, it's a felony to make a water gun look like a real weapon then hold it in a threatening manner.

This woman, who wants to remain anonymous says, she immediately dialed 9-1-1. "While I was talking to them my neighbor texted me saying, 'it's just a kid and he's playing a game.'"

The game is being played by Godwin High School seniors. Each person is both an assassin and a target. You're out of the game once "hit" with a water gun.

Godwin senior Conor Coleman created the Twitter account "Godwin Senior Assassins." Students can update their status, upload photos and share funny stories about the game.

He and his friends say, those disguising their guns to look real are few and far between.

"That's one or two people out of 160," Conor said.

For this concerned West End resident, one is all it takes.

"This child could have been shot by me, a neighbor, by the policeman if the police hadn't known what was going on."

No one has been arrested but Henrico Police say they're taking calls like this one seriously. A Henrico schools spokesman says, the school division is aware of the game and will only step in if it ends up disrupting school.

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