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HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: deep vein thrombosis

Blood clots can be dangerous. One particular type of blood clot, called a deep vein thrombosis, can be very risky.

A D.V.T., as it is often called, is a blood clot that builds up deep in vein tissue in many different parts of the body. The clot can lead to discomfort, a tingly feeling or even outright pain. It can happen when you are sitting without moving for a long period of time like on a long car or plane trip.

If you notice the problem, you need to address it as soon as possible. According to Neighborhood Health Watch Dr. Sarah Gaffney, the pharmacy manager at Johnston-Willis and Chippenham hospitals, the worst case scenario is serious.

"The problem is that the clot can break off and go into your lungs and we call that a P.E., or a pulmonary embolism and that can lead to death immediately."

The treatment is usually a coagialiant or some type of blood thinner and there are a number of drugs that can be effective.

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