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City pays almost $3,000 in pothole claims so far


Crews are making progress fixing the potholes throughout Richmond, but if you've filed a damage claim with the city, it might take some time to get your money.

For claims starting December 1, Richmond has paid out $2,770.45. The last one paid out by the city was filed all the way back in February.

"My ride is very bumpy and there's a lot of detours," Davis Durrett said of road conditions. He's not surprised by the amount paid to drivers.

The majority of the 110 claims are still listed as open; however, a few large checks have been cut. One woman says she hit a pothole while driving and it caused damage to both her tire and her rim. She was paid out more than $800. Another claim says not only were the tire and rim damaged, so were the hubcap and the car's alignment. That person was paid out $500.

Julia Hardy says she's put quite a bit of money into car repairs.

"I had a flat tire about a month ago and I'm starting to wonder if it was the roads," she said.

But she hasn't filed a claim.

"I wouldn't know where to start," she explained.

We started online with the city's website. Turns out, you can't file there. After calling 311, we found out the claims go through the city attorney's office. You have to send them the date, time, location and description of what happened through the mail. You also need to send copies of any supporting documents like pictures or a police report. 

Don't leave out a return address and daytime phone number or they can't get back to you.

"I probably wouldn't go through the trouble honestly," Hardy added. "I mean, I would want the money back, but, you know, I'm a busy girl."

Ultimately, a third party administrator makes the decision if a claim gets approved or denied.

If you have questions, you can call the city attorney's office at 646-7940.

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